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BRUGES 2014 - 2015


The Land of The Hobs

From 21 November 2014 - 04 January 2015

FrozenIt is a Bruges tradition to present Ice Sculptures Festival during the winter. Every year there are suitable topics that fascinate young and old and brings an unprecedented aspect of Bruges under the loop.

Bruges is proud to announce a world first: its own unique interpretation of The Land of the Hobs. Ice Magic takes the visitor into the mythology of dwarves, elves, fairies, hunters, magicians and devilish figures in a world that is as fantastic as it is mysterious. It includes surprising characters and animals, which live in their own hidden world surrounded by inhospitable nature and mysterious forests etc. as well as appealing and spirited figures that emerge from their fairy-tale world.


The word "Hobbit" appears in Denham Tracts, a series of pamphlets and jottings on folklore written by Michael Aislabie Denham and published by James Hardy of the Folklore Society in London in 1895. It includes a list of spirits and fairies from "The Discoverie of Witchcraft" by Reginald Scot from 1584 (translated into Dutch as "Ondeching van tovery", Thomas Basson, Leiden, 1609 and G. Basson, Leiden, 1637): "boggleboes, bogies, redmen, portunes, grants, hobbits, hobgoblins, brown-men, cowies, dunnies". Perhaps Tolkien read this text and subconsciously chose the name "Hobbit", related to the Middle English "hobbe", for his fantasy creatures. "Hobbit" is also the popular name for the Flores Man, a (supposedly) extinct human species, whose remains were found on the Indonesian island of Flores. William Shakespeare also referred to the mythical figures Hobgoblin, Puck and Robin Goodfellow in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (1600).

It is a romantic comedy about the adventures of four young lovers, and a group of amateur actors that plays out in a wood lit by moonlight. The story tells of the way in which the four lovers interact with the actors as well as with the fairies that live in the wood. In short it provides more than enough inspiration for creating this theme and these characters in ice.



Ice MagicAccess and travel advice
The Snow & Ice Sculpture Festival is located on the Station Square in Bruges, directly in front of the main station building. Follow the signs for ‘Snow & Ice’ until you reach the large parking area where the festival is being held. The city centre of Bruges is within easy walking distance of the Snow & Ice Sculpture Festival (5 mins). As the festival is so close to the station, travelling by train is by far the easiest option.





Ice MagicThe following packages are available from the public transport network:

1. The individual B-Day Trip (train ticket + festival entrance, code 444).
2. Individual entrance tickets (festival without train)

Train times and price information can be obtained from the special Belgian Railways (NMBS) telephone number +32 (0)2 528 28 28 or online at Tickets with or without rail travel are available from all Belgian stations and from the larger post offices.









Tickets and information:

Open : 10 am - 6 pm
Open on Christmas day and New Years day

Adults: € 15,00
Seniors 60+: € 13,00
Students: € 13,00
Wheelchair users: € 13,00
Children 4 to 12 years: € 11,00
Children under the 3 years: free.

Combi tickets available:
Combi ticket Historium adults: € 20.50
Combi ticket Historium kids: € 13.00
More to come!

The festival is accessible to wheelchair users.

Dogs on a leash are allowed.

We advise to wear warm clothing for your visit (-6°C).

Tickets are available from the ticket office at the entrance to the festival. Reservations are not necessary. You can also buy tickets directly from every Belgian train station. Tickets can also be purchased online, with a reservation cost.

Info : tel. 050/20.04.65
fax 050/20.04.69
Organization : Snow and Ice Events nv
in cooperation with stad Bruges

Have a look at the ice sculptures pictures from 2007-2008.

Mirror tent: Very nice tent, where you can warm up and talk with others.
Ice Bar: ghluwein, Jenever,...




Nogmaals bedankt voor de gewonnen tickets, het was superleuk op de ijssculptuur Brugge!
De kids vonden het reuzefijn!!!

Vriendelijke groeten,

Hey Hilde,

Bedankt voor de kaartjes. We hebben genoten van de ijskoude kunstwerken en van de prachtige stad Brugge.

Ruben, Matthias, Marianne en Pascal

Dear Hilde,

I wanted to say a big 'thank-you' for the tickets to see the Ice Sculpture Festival. It was amazing - really impossible to describe! My husband, eldest son and daughter had a wonderful time.
Thank-you again.

Happy Christmas!

Best wishes.
Lindsey Taylor

Hi Hilde

We had a lovely time in Bruges and would like to thank you very much for the tickets to the Snow & Ice Sculpture Festival, it was fantastic!

Thank you again.


Dear Hilde
We visited Bruges earlier this week and would like to thank you for our tickets to see the Snow & Ice Sculpture.  We thought it amazing and were very impressed with the amount of work involved.  We shall certainly tell our friends to go.
Many thanks 

Don't miss out on this event!

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