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groeninge museumThis museum is a vast resource of belgian art:

  • Neo-classical and Realistic artworks of the 18th and 19th centuries
  • The work of several Baroque and renaissance masters
  • Wolrld-famous Flemisch primitives
  • Milestones from the Symbolist and Modernist movements
  • Masterpieces by the Flemish Expressionists
  • Post-1945 modern art

Also called 'The city museum of Fine Arts', the groeninge museum's collection was already started at the end of 17th century, our building itself dates from 1929-1930. The name Groeninge museum comes from the groeninge fields, where the flemish armies defeated the French in 1302. Our collection spans from 14th to 20th century and focuses primarily on works by painters who lived and worked in Bruges.

Openingshours: 9.30AM - 17.00PM

Entrance Fee: €8 / €6





groeninge museum


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